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Many homeowners desire marble for their kitchens, baths, and other interior spaces but are unaware of the upkeep and care requirements. The same holds for installing it inside your house. You need to understand what you’re getting into and how much it will cost before going straight to the marble countertop installation. You can select from various marble types, and each one has specific qualities of its own. You must be sure that the one you purchase is appropriate for your project. Here are three things to think about:


What is your spending limit? What type of marble are you looking to purchase? Do you wish to purchase a marble sheet and mill it yourself? Is buying unpolished marble and having it milled preferable? If you want to keep it inside your budget, you should consider the following questions. To get a more precise estimate, you can also request quotes from your neighborhood masonry providers. The majority of homeowners are shocked by the pricing they receive!


The upkeep requirements of the marble you wish to purchase should be taken into account. If you want to save money, unfinished marble can be a stylish alternative, but it will require more maintenance than marble that already has polished and beveled edges and corners. Additionally, think about the type of water you’ll use on the marble countertop. You must determine whether the marble you installed is waterproof if you plan to use it in the kitchen or bathroom, but you must make sure that it is properly sealed and maintained.


How much will the value of your home rise once marble countertops are installed? This will be considered as one of your pricing considerations if you ever consider selling your home. Additionally, you can use it for upcoming remodeling tasks. Purchasing a marble of superior quality is required if you want to command a higher price.

There is no need to search further for high-quality marble countertop installation in Hudson, MA. For a flawless installation, call the professionals at SR Granite and Marble! Call us at (508) 343-8401 to make an appointment if you’d like.

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